Mission statement

The European School of Clinical Homeopathy was created by a team of highly qualified and experienced Bulgarian medical doctors, who have achieved international acknowledgement in the field of clinical homeopathy.

This is an independent organization of physicians familiar with the principles of clinical homeopathy who apply successfully this method of treatment in their daily practice. Most of them are professors in different medical universities, some of them with academic ranks.

Our mission is to develop, establish and promote clinical homeopathy in Bulgaria and abroad.
We wish to share our knowledge and experience with those colleagues, who want to be taught to practice this special method of treatment.

We master both practicing and teaching homeopathy. We are also familiar with the expectations and the specific needs of Bulgarian doctors and pharmacists. So we offer a practically oriented training course in accordance with the best European practices.

We strongly believe that close cooperation with the academics and the medical universities is indispensable to any quality education in any field of medical science. That is why we are in partnership with:

the Medical University in Sofia,
the Medical University in Plovdiv,
the Medical University in Varna,
the Medical University in Pleven.

Those physicians, who have completed successfully our courses in clinical homeopathy, receive a Certificate from the respective medical university, and their training is recognized as a form of continuous medical education by the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

Upon completion of basic-level training, we stay in touch with our graduates by means of annual courses for continuous medical education that is recognized officially by the Bulgarian Medical Association.

The team of the European School of Clinical Homeopathy participates in various national and international medical and pharmaceutical events.

The experience of the lecturers associated to the school – acknowledged physicians and excellent professionals in their field tempted by clinical homeopathy, provide an invaluable contribution to the exchange among practitioners.


We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

1408 Sofia
Yuzhen park, bl. 29, entr. B, office 1
For more information, please, contact us at:
E-mail: info@clinicalhomeopathy.eu
Phone: 02 9681912
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