Our lecturers

The team of lecturers of the European School of Clinical Homeopathy includes staff lecturers, who besides good theoretical knowledge and teaching experience have a rich experience as physicians, applying the method of clinical homeopathy in their daily medical practice. More details about the lecturers in this main team you can find HERE.

Additionally, the European School of Clinical Homeopathy has the pleasure to work with a team of associate lecturers. Each one of them is a clinician in his/her field, tempted to apply the methods of clinical homeopathy. They are valuable partners of the main team of lecturers for the conducting of professional meetings with the homeopathy doctors, during the preparation of joint presentations for participation in different medical events in the country and abroad, and for joint publications. More information on the team of associated lecturers you can find HERE.

We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

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