What the others say about us

Prof. M. Marinov, MD, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Sofia

“In my capacity as Dean of the Sofia Faculty of Medicine I have had the opportunity during the recent years to become personally convinced in the high academic level of education, offered by the Bulgarian lecturers in clinical homeopathy… All this makes me sure that there is an established core of highly competent and knowledgeable Bulgarian lecturers,who actually represent the skeleton of your new initiative to go over to the initiation of Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic School… I express my own unreserved  support, as well as the support of the dean’s management team at the Faculty of Medicine for this newly created community, declaring that the Faculty of Medicine, headed by me, will work in the future with this team which representing a local school will by no doubt be much closer to the demands and the specifics of the Bulgarian homeopathic science and practice… The doors of our Alma Mater are wide open for your new academic year …”

Prof. Il. Yovchev, MD, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Plovdiv
“…I am happy that a Bulgarian Homeopathic School with highly qualified lecturers has been created. I am personally acquainted with the homeopathic doctors, who have enabled the acceptance of homeopathy by the academic media and its inclusion in the curricula of the faculties… I expect that in the month of September the Medical University of Plovdiv will start the new academic year in homeopathy, involving the lecturers from the newly established Bulgarian Homeopathic School.

Prof Anelia Klisarova, MD, PhD – Rector of the Medical University of Varna
“Please, allow me to express my satisfaction from the development of the Bulgarian Homeopathic School… I would have wanted to express my admiration for the will and consistency of the Bulgarian homeopathic doctors, who with their professionalism and dedication have contributed to the better health of a big part of the Bulgarian people… I would like to congratulate you for the initiative to create a Bulgarian Homeopathic School and to assure you that in the face of the Medical University of Varna you may rely on a true and competent partner and supporter”.


Prof. Dr., PhD Grigor Gorchev – Rector of the Medical University of Pleven
…The Management Board of the Medical University of Pleven supports the Bulgarian Homeopathic School and declares readiness for cooperation”.

We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

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