Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies are produced by pharmaceutical companies in compliance with the guidelines of a special homeopathic pharmacopoeia. A big part of them are of plant origin, but others are chemical compounds and biological products.
Usually, the homeopathic remedies are sold in plastic vials, filled with spheres (granules or globules). The big spheres are called granules, and the small ones – globules. These spheres consist of sucrose (sugar) and lactose and are impregnated with an active homeopathic solution.
The label of the drug contains not only letters, but also numbers – e.g. 5CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH. The numbers indicate the degree of dilution (potentisation) of the initial substance. This is not equivalent to the part by weight – i.e. the milligrams specified on the labels of the allopathic drugs, and therefore a more detailed explanation is required.
Homeopathic remedies are prepared in compliance with a special technology.
From the initial medicinal substance (a plant tincture or a mineral salt) one drop is taken (or one weighing part) and it is mixed with ninety nine drops (weighing parts) of solvent. Usually, the solvent is an ethanol/water solution. Thus, dilution with a ratio of 1:100 is obtained.
This diluted solution is shaken on a special apparatus. After that one weighing part is taken from it, mixed with ninety nine weighing parts solvent and shaken again.
This process of sequential shaking and diluting is called potentisation. The number following the name of the homeopathic remedy shows how many times the original dilution of the medicinal substance has been potentised.

The big advantage of homeopathic treatment is that homeopathic remedies do not have toxic side effects. Another advantage is that by homeopathy we can cure and control a large number of chronic complaints and diseases in people who in case of usual treatment should use multiple drugs with serious side effects for a long time, often throughout their whole life.
Since the essence of homeopathic treatment is the stimulation of the natural defense mechanisms of the body, after the disease has subsided, continuous (maintaining) treatment is not necessary. These merits of the method make homeopathy extremely attractive for the most frequent disorders.

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