Basic education – first moduleIncludes 6-day seminars, held once a week, on Saturday and Sunday. Designated and carried out together with doctors and pharmacists until the 5th seminar. The last sixth seminar from the first year is designated only for doctors.
The first year of the basic education lays the foundations of clinical homeopathy and emphasizes on the therapy of acute conditions.

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Basic education – second module

Designated only for doctors. Includes 5 two-day seminars, held once a month, on Saturday and Sunday. Builds on and expands the studies during the first year, shifting the accent to the therapy of chronic and recurrent diseases.
Due to the principally new reading of the matter, the training is appropriate also for doctors, who have already graduated the 2-year courses, organized by the Centre for Training and Development of Homeopathy (CTDH). The accent in the new program for the second year is placed exclusively on the mastering of the technique for selection of medications for the chronic and frequently recurrent diseases. The technique has a significant practical value and allows the doctors a much bigger security and easiness with regard to the development of appropriate homeopathic treatment schemes.
The persons, who will get enrolled in the second year for a second time, will receive a participation certificate from the European School of Clinical Homeopathy and are exempt from the exam sitting.

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Continuous medical education
Designated for all doctors, who have successfully graduated the two-year basic training. Oriented towards deepening the acquired knowledge and exchange of experience related to selected clinical paths or pathologies. Includes 3 two-day seminars, held on Saturday and Sunday.

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We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

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