Our team

Manager: Rayna Tomova, MD

Coordinator for Courses: Ivan Enev, MD

Coordinator for Administrative Issues: Zorka Ugrinova, MD

Coordinators for relations with the medical universities:
Prof. Lyudmil Peychev, MD, PhD and Antoaneta Pandurska, MD

Coordinator for Public Relations: Marian Ivanov, MD

Coordinator for International Relations: Slavi Filchev, MD, PhD

Coordinator for Relations with the professional associations: Petko Zagorchev, MD

Office Manager : Elizabeta Krumova

Coordinator Students Relations: Stefana Groudeva



We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

1408 Sofia
Yuzhen park, bl. 29, entr. B, office 1
For more information, please, contact us at:
E-mail: info@clinicalhomeopathy.eu
Phone: 02 9681912
Mobile: 0884 058885;  0888 148912;