Homeopathic Materia Medica 

670 p., hardback, 2nd ed.
Authors: Michel Gueermonprez, Madlen Pincas, Monique Tork
This publication offers material for practice, consideration and in-depth knowledge in the field of homeopathy.
The pharmacological composition of more than 400 drugs, presented in the volume, allows the understanding of the action of these drugs and the comparison of their properties.

Homeopathy Handbook
From the symptom to the medication and from the medication to the symptom

816 p., hard cover
Authors: Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Peychev, Assoc. Professor Hyusnik Boyadjyan
An original volume compiled by two Bulgarian doctors, university lecturers in medicine, who have dedicated their professional development to homeopathy. It presents in a systematic way 5000 signs, symptoms and diagnoses, arranged conveniently in an alphabetic order and by nosological units. The book offers concise yet exhausting information on the homeopathic formulations registered in Bulgaria.

Pharmacology and Homeopathic Materia Medica

500 p., paperback
Authors: D. Demarque, J. Jouanny, B. Poitevin, Y. Saint-Jean
The volume presents the clinical indications and toxicological and pharmacological data of 300 homeopathic medications. Indispensable to the in-depth study of the homeopathic remedies.

Chronic and Frequently Recurrent Illnesses – 1st part
360 p., paperback
Chronic and Frequently Recurrent Illnesses – 2nd part

216 p., paperback


Author: Dr. Mariyan Ivanov
The two volumes are a very useful practical manual, presenting a technique that is efficient and close to the physician’s mentality for the selection of homeopathic remedies for the prevention and treatment of chronic and frequently recurrent illnesses.

Practical Homeopathy

284 p., paperback
Author: Dr. Ivan Enev
The physicians who are new to the homeopathic methodology, hesitate, which is only too natural, how to proceed with its implementation. The book provides an opportunity to make a quick reference and build greater confidence with regard to the selection of homeopathic therapy. Suitable for doctors and pharmacists.

Homeopathy and Advice at the Pharmacy
43 clinical cases


88 p., hard cover + CD
Author: Michelle Boiron
This concise volume is a compendium of the most common cases of acute conditions. Each case is presented in the form of a checklist and a decision-making pattern. It is intended for pharmacists, but is also suitable for as a book of reference for physicians who are beginners in the practice of homeopathy. The package contains a CD, which allows quick access to the information in the book via your PC.

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