Professor Lyudmil Peychev, MD, PhD

2008 – 2009 – Health Management – Medical University of Plovdiv – Master’s degree.
2000 – A specialty in Clinical Pharmacology and Treatment, Medical University of Sofia
1988 – 1991- PhD thesis in medical science – Medical University of Sofia
1990 – Pharmacology and Toxicology – Medical University of Sofia
1978 – 1983 – Medicine – Medical University of Plovdiv

Academic and professional career
2015 – Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, MU Plovdiv
2011 – Chairman of the General Assembly of the Medical University of Plovdiv
2007 – 2011 – Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Medical University of Plovdiv
2006 – Present – Head of the Pharmacology and Drug Toxicology Department of the Medical University of Plovdiv.
2001 – Present – Regular Professor.
1994 – 2000 – Chief Assistant Professor at the Pharmacology and Drug Toxicology Department at MU – Plovdiv.
1990 – 1993 – Assistant at the Clinic of Occupational Diseases and Toxicology.
1986 – 1990 – PhD student at the Pharmacology Department of the Medical University of Plovdiv.
1996 – Present – practitioner in homeopathy and phytotherapy at the Medicus Alpha Clinic in Plovdiv.
1986 – 1990 – Part-time consultant in internal medicine at the Emergency Hospital in Plovdiv.
1983 – 1986 – Aviation physician – Bezmer garrison, Bulgarian People’s Army (BPA).

Qualification and achievements in the field of homeopathy
2011 – Co-founder and Manager of the European School of Clinical Homeopathy and lecturer at the same institution
2003 – 2011 – Lecturer in homeopathy at the Centre for Training and Development of Homeopathy.
2009 – Present – Lecturer in homeopathy for the post-graduate education of dental doctors with the Bulgarian Dental Association.
Since 2004 – Present – Introducing teaching in clinical homeopathy for students in medicine, pharmacy and dental medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv.
Since 2003 – Present – Lecturer in clinical homeopathy, Winter Medical University for general practitioners, Medical University of Sofia and Bulgarian Medical Union (BMU).
Since 2003 – Present – Lecturer in homeopathy at practical seminars and professional meetings of doctors, practicing clinical homeopathy within the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization (BMHO).
2009 – 2011 – Member of the Editorial Board of Modern Homeopathy newspaper.
2009 and 2011 – Co-author (L. Peychev, H. Boyadjiev) of two editions of  “A Homeopathy Handbook – From the Symptom to the Medication and from the Medication to the Symptom”, p. 810, East-West Publishing House, Sofia.
2005 – Co-author of the book “Clinical Cases in Homeopathy”, edited by Z. Ugrinova,   Enola 21 Publishing House, Sofia.
2003 – Present – Participation with papers in international homeopathic conferences and congresses: Lion (France), Lille (France), Oostende (Belgium), Warsaw (Poland), Albena (Bulgaria).
2002 – Clinical homeopathy certificate – Medical University of Plovdiv

More than 100 publications in Bulgarian and foreign scientific magazines, with a total Impact factor (IF) of 76.
Author of many textbooks, manuals and teaching aids in pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.
Author of 1 patent, 3 rationalizations and 7 trade marks, registered with the Patent Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2011 – Member of the Academic Council of the Medical University of Plovdiv.
2000 – 2010 (consecutively) – Member of the Faculty Council at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy – Medical University of Plovdiv.
2000 – Present – Active member of The National Geographic Society, ID#412735938
2000 –  Outstanding People of the 20th Century Certificate of the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England.
1987 – Present – Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.
1997 – Present – Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association.
1997 – 1999 – Active member of The New York Academy of Sciences, ID#00447063-5.
1988 – Present – Member of the Society of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology
Member of the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization and Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of this organization.

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We teach clinical homeopathy to medical doctors and pharmacists in partnership with medical universities

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