Zorka Ugrinova, MD

2000 – 2005 – a specialty in General Medicine, Medical University of Sofia
1990 – 1996 – Medicine, Medical University of Sofia

Professional career
2005 – Present – Practitioner at Phytolek Medical Homeopathic Centre, Sofia.
1996 – 2004 – General Practitioner and Pediatrician On-Duty, consecutively at First Pediatric Ward of the Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Immediate Medical Service Ward at XXVIII, XXVII Diagnostic and Consultative Centre (DCC) and Lora Medical Centre, Sofia.

Qualification and achievements in the field of homeopathy
2011 – Co-founder and manager of the European School of Clinical Homeopathy and lecturer at the same School.
2010 – Present – Lecturer in homeopathy for the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization (BMHO) at practical seminars and professional meetings of doctors, practising clinical homeopathy
2006 – Present – Associated lecturer in clinical homeopathy to medical students – Pharmacology and Toxicology Department at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Sofia.
2006 – 2011 – Lecturer in Clinical Homeopathy at the Centre for Training and Development of Homeopathy.
2009 – 2011 – Chief Editor of Clinical Homeopathy newspaper.
2001 – 2009 – Member of the Editorial Board of Modern Homeopathy newspaper.
2006 – Present – Medical homeopathic consultant for My Baby magazine.
2004 – Consulting proof reader and editor of translated books and text-books on homeopathy:
– Pediatric Homeopathy of Jacques-Edouard Poncet
– Homeopathic Memento, from the symptom to the materia medica by François Chefdeville et al.
– Homeopathic Materia Medica by Michel Guermonprez
– Materia Medica – selected by Jacques Boulet and Jean-Pierre Loupias
– Sport Medicine. Prevention, Treatment and Homeopathy by Jean Marcel Ferret
– The health of the musicians and singers, the contribution of homeopathy by Franc Schofru
– Homeopathy for the pregnant woman by Claudette Roche
– Homeopathy for the Child by Jacques Boulet
2000 – Clinical Homeopathy Certificate, Medical University of Sofia

2014 – Co-author of the book “Homeopathy. Clinical cases”, East-West Publishing House.
2012 – Co-author of the book “Homeopathy for children and teenagers” together with Dr. Mariyan Ivanov, East-West Publishing House.
2011 – Co-author of the book “Hello, Doc. Quick homeopathic advice” together with Dr. Mariyan Ivanov, East-West Publishing House.
2006 – Co-author of the “Difficult Children” together with Dr. Mariyan Ivanov, ABC Publishing House.
2005 – Compiler of the book “Clinical Cases in Homeopathy, CTDH Publishing House
Atopic dermatitis and the contribution of homeopathy, together with D. Gospodinov, Dermatology and Venereology magazine, 2011, currently under print.
Adenoid Vegetations of Children and the Capacities of Homeopathy, together with L. Peychev et al., Practical Pediatrics magazine, 2010.
School Phobia, Practical Pediatrics magazine, 2010.
Author of a series of popular articles on health.

Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association.
Member of the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization (BMHO) and its administrative secretary and member of the Management Board since 1998.

French and Russian

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